Posted by Joanne | April 4th, 2019 | Services

Depending on which survey you read, the average recruiter spends anywhere from 6 to 30 seconds looking at your resume before deciding if you’re a good fit.

That isn’t a lot of a time to make an impression.

Your resume is your personal sales tool and your first opportunity to make your mark. It may sound like a cliché, but if a new job is in your sights, you need to set yourself apart from the competition.

A great resume that clearly outlines your career evolution, showcases your achievements and results and includes the highlights relevant to a position or industry is the way to get ahead.

It doesn’t matter which stage you’re at in the career game; whether you’re new to the workforce, a corporate ladder-climber, or somewhere higher on the food chain, I’ll work with you personally to create a resume that gets you noticed. And if you haven’t worked for a while or you’re in the process of transitioning to a new career, rest assured I can take the best of your experience to date and make you shine.

Here’s how it works:

step 1
Interview: We’ll have a one-on-one consultation where I ask you questions to help you determine your goals, clarify details and fill in any info gaps. At this time, I’ll also answer any questions you might have.

step 2
Review: Within 2-3 days, you’ll receive your first draft via email. You’ll have 7 days after receiving your first draft to request additional modifications. This is the time for you to let me know about any other changes or info you might have left out during the initial consultation.

step 3
Final: Once I’ve received and incorporated all of your changes, a completed, professional resume is delivered to you in both Word and PDF formats.



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