Interview Coaching

Posted by Joanne | April 10th, 2019 | Services

Interview Coaching is the secret weapon in your career hunting arsenal that will have you feeling equipped, confident and ready to ace the job interview process. When you’ve prepared in advance, you’re less stressed, and more likely to think and respond clearly to challenging questions or situations.

During a coaching session, you answer interview-style questions in a low-stress, relaxed environment, and receive key pointers and feedback on how to improve your answers and presence moving forward.

A mock interview session is 90 minutes in length and split into two parts: a mock interview (40-50 mins) and the feedback Q&A portion.

Here’s how it works:

step 1
Prepare: While this is essentially a trial run, it’s recommended that you prepare for the session just as you would when meeting with a hiring manager. Arrive 10–15 minutes early, and bring your resume or any other materials you would bring to a real interview. Bring a notebook to take notes during and after the session. And, while not mandatory, dress you would for an actual interview.

step 2
Practice: You have a choice between one-on-one session, in-person or via teleconference. (Please inform if you know beforehand that the interview you’re prepping for is panel-style.) You’ll also get to practice answering different types of questions and handling various scenarios. Typically, this will last 45 minutes.

step 3
Debrief: At the end of the interview portion, we will have a feedback session where I provide a detailed evaluation with comments and observations made during the mock interview. We’ll discuss your performance (body language, verbal communication and readiness) and identify areas of strength and weakness. I will provide tips on how to improve your answers and give you strategies on how improve your future interviews and minimize stress.



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