Good habits that’ll help you score a promotion

Posted by Joanne | December 17th, 2020 | Uncategorized

Got your eye on a promotion or raise in the New Year (yes, even in a Pandemic)?

Chances are you’ve already started thinking about the big moves (saving the company money or time) that can get you there, but did you know that your day-to-day habits can also help lay some solid groundwork for the next step in your career? Check out these promotion-positive tips from career coach Alyson Garrido:

Be seen

Take time out from the solo slog at your desk to collaborate with peers or join a team activity or project. Even your presence in optional meetings can make or break your chances for a bigger paycheque. It’s essential that the right sets of eyes see you, and you can’t get a promotion if no one knows you’re even there. If your workplace has gone back to in-office, consider something as simple as eating in the lunchroom or taking a different route back from the breakroom or bathroom to say hi to co-workers.

Be present

When you offer your time or assistance to someone, give your full attention. Put your phone on silent, set your laptop to busy and listen. People can feel when you’re only half-listening—and notice and appreciate when you’re fully present and available.

Be considerate

Every once in a while, break out of work mode to talk to your co-workers. It could be as simple as remembering their child’s birthday or congratulating them on a recent milestone. Your teammates will appreciate that you’ve remembered something personal. The best part is, you don’t have to pry; build on the information they may have already shared with you to build camaraderie and trust.

BONUS #1: Be a champion

If you’ve got your eye on a leadership role, you might consider being a mentor to junior team members; you’ll help them with their careers, and they’ll sing your praises. Want to join a new team? Demonstrate your support for that part of the business by showcasing your transferrable skills. To avoid burnout, take a proactive approach in choosing projects that align with your career advancement goals rather than agreeing to every request that comes your way.

BONUS #2: Be on top of your game

When you’re gunning for a promotion, every big and little thing you do is on display. Something as “simple” as sending an email riddled with errors can cost you that new role. S L O W  D O W N, sis. Take the time to re-read an email before hitting send. Or, when planning project work, set reasonable and realistic expectations around how quickly you can complete a project—and then knock it out of the park. If you can, provide generous (but not incredible) deadlines. It’s far better to turn in your work early than fumble a tight deadline. A little wiggle room never hurt nobody.

These kinds of “soft” moves are imperative when you’re eyeing a coveted role. On the way to levelling up, don’t forget to add the little things to your to-do list. In addition to major milestones, your actions on a small scale can also make a big difference.

And Bang! There you have it. A few simple tweaks to your daily routine can put you on the fast-track to your next big promotion.

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