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Posted by Joanne | April 30th, 2019 | Services

As the name suggests, Bang! Resume Works specializes in, well, resumes! But I provide a host of extra services that help present you in your best professional light. Below is a a complete price list/breakdown of frequently requested extras.

Professional summary
Included at the very top of your resume, the professional summary is a nice, neat way of condensing your most desirable skills, abilities, qualifications and kudos into an impactful opening statement. Starting at $79

Career Counselling & Planning
Whether you’re new to the working world, have climbed a few rungs on the career ladder, or are transitioning into the workforce (or out of a particular field or industry) it’s never too late to get yourself on the path to a career that you love. 3 90-minute sessions: $299

Cover letters
Like the professional summary, the cover letter outlines your skills and accomplishments – but also gives recruiters additional information you may not need or want to include in your resume. NB: always provide a cover, unless the job listing states otherwise. Starting at $79

Interview Coaching
A 90-minute session to practice your interview skills arms you with confidence and provides you with an opportunity to practice for the real thing. We discuss your performance and refine your Q&A skills, identify areas of strength and weakness, and give you strategies to minimize stress and confidently navigate the job interview process. 90-minute session: $99

Professional summary (only)
The summary is the most important portion of your Resume or LinkedIn profile, condensing your most desirable skills, abilities, qualifications and kudos into an impactful opening statement. It helps hiring managers decide whether or not they actually want to read the rest of your resume—and yet, so many job seekers fail to do it justice. Do your resume a solid by adding an attention-grabbing Professional Summary. Starting at $79

Post-delivery editing
Want me to add a little something to the final version of your BRW resume? Need to revise some dates or details? No problem! Quick and easy post-delivery edits: $29/hour

Proofreading/editing on any document
If you’ve got the words but need a second pair of eyes to scan a non-BRW document, I can help you with that. My standard professional rates apply: $49/hour

Resume Review 
This is an objective view of your resume, taking into account industry trends, insights, and best practices. I also check for grammar & syntax (word use, spelling, punctuation). I also explain underperforming visual aspects like formatting or fonts, and point out missing elements, gaps in work history or other obvious and glaring errors (where applicable, of course). The cost for the service will vary by page count:
1–3 pages: $29 | 4–6 pages: $49 | 7+ pages: $79

RUSH delivery (Within 48 hrs)
Okay, so you’ve come across a job posting that screams your name but the deadline is in two days? I can put pedal to the metal and create a stellar, targeted CV—complete with professional summary and cover letter…but it’ll cost you. Rush service: $75/hour

Don’t see what you need/want? Just ask!


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