OT: Finding the silver lining during crisis on #NationalDoctorsDay

Posted by Joanne | March 31st, 2020 | Blog

As I write this, I’m at the tail-end of a long and difficult day—one of many gone, one of many more to come—quarantined with a little girl with Special Needs.

This pandemic continues and orders to remain indoors become ever more important. As new cases arise and as death tolls mount, I find solace in the fact that she and I are both safe.

I can hug her and squeeze her with impunity, for comfort and without (much) worry, because we are observing all of the mandates set forth to help flatten the curve.

At the frontlines of this crisis are the medical professionals, at home and globally, who put their lives at risk every day to tend to the sick, the recovering and the dying.

(They risk the lives of their families as well; some, as a precautionary measure, are not seeing their families at all.)

Yesterday, Monday March 30th, was #NationalDoctorsDay. So many observances have gone uncelebrated/unacknowledged because coronavirus has overtaken everything we read, watch and consume these days.

But I wanted to take this time, albeit late, to send a HUGE thank you to our brothers & sisters in the field.

We are so grateful for everything you’re doing right now.

We see you. we salute you. We appreciate you. We love you.

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