Dear HR: Start believing Black People

Posted by Joanne | June 24th, 2020 | Blog

The following thread is taken from a series of messages on Twitter, written from the perspective of a white man in management. In it he lists a number of ways he realized that Black people are unnecessarily policed and scrutinized at work.

It’s the exact reason I’ll probably never work for anyone again.


These microaggressions are the spiritual equivalent of nickel-and-diming; slowly devaluing the work and draining the well-being of a Black person until all is spent.

From an early age and into adulthood Black people understand that they need to be “twice as good to get half as far.”

It’s pervasive, it’s exhausting and it’s damaging. After a while, many people reach a point of career comfort and complacency, too tired of trying to convince others of their worth and value—but the need to pay the bills overrides the need to continuously prove themselves.

So they continue to toil in positions that they’ve long outgrown in scope and tenure. Why?

Because they’d rather avoid the excessive scrutiny of how they’re managing the weight of White peoples’ expectations while trying to navigate impossibly narrow margins for error in a new role.

So when Black folk hesitate to assume roles of greater responsibility or quickly shut the possibility down altogether, it’s not due to laziness. They have to weigh the potential pay raise against the heaviness of Working While Black.

And a lot of times, it just ain’t worth it.

#believeBlackpeople. Periodt.

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