The career you want is worth planning for

Posted by Joanne | April 19th, 2019 | Services

As part of the commitment to giving you a shot of career success, Bang! Resume Works also offers one-on-one Career Planning & Development sessions.

Over the course of three (3) 90-minute sessions, I’ll address your career concerns, and together, we’ll build a solid Career Action Plan that will help make the changes you need—from refining your resume and boosting your confidence during an interview or; (re)positioning or (re)branding to secure a promotion—or simply identifying your unique strengths, talents and skills to help you nail down a few career options.

Whether you’re new to the working world, are transitioning into the workforce or pivoting in a new direction, it’s never too late to get yourself on the path to a career that you love.

Here’s how it works:

step 1
Assess: This step involves a one-on-one consultation where I evaluate your current resume (if applicable) and ask a series of questions about your career values, skills, interests and passions to better understand who you are personally and professionally. This will also help you determine and clarify your goals.

step 2
Explore: Once we’ve figured out career options/occupations based on your Assessment, the next step is to dig deeper into the ones that interest you. During this stage we’ll  delve deeper into criteria such as education and training (if applicable), industry outlook, earnings, and potential for advancement or growth.

step 3
Action: Once the potential career option(s)/direction have been nailed down, the final step is to set short- and long-term goals that will set the foundation for your Career Action Plan—a living document in which you outline the steps you’ll take toward achieving your Career Goals and estimate how long it will take to smash each one.

NB: The reality of the working world is that it’s a constantly changing landscape—you may find that, over time, your career path may change as well. While there are no guarantees, self-awareness, occupational savvy, and drive will all determine your success in the final phase of this process.



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